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Phosphate blends based on the natural extracts and essential oils intended to be used in sausages, boiled sausages and meat breads

We will develop and produce any variation of tastes, for ordering and clarifying details.

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Product name Article Taste Dosage, g/kg
Kombi Mix Doctorska 900280711 Nutmeg, white papper, pork flavour 8-10
Kombi Mix Lubitelska 900280713 Nutmeg, black papper, allspice, meat flavour 10
Kombi Mix Pikantna 10 Nutmeg, black papper, allspice, cardamom 10
Kombi Mix Sausage 1403Ж Black papper, allspice, meat flavour 8 - 10
Kombi Mix Pikantna 9002807116 Black papper, allspice, cardamom, garlic 10
Kombi Mix Ham 1102704201 Nutmeg, black papper, red papper, beef flavour. Without MSG 10
Kombi Mix Telyachya 101732Т Nutmeg, allspice, coriander and chilli papper, beef flavour 8 - 10
Kombi Mix Beef sausage 2-020302/1О Allspice, ginger, beef flavour, yeast extract 8 - 10
Kombi Mix Milk sausage 1-090301/1О White papper, black papper, meat flavour and milk flavour 8 - 10
Kombi Mix Vienna Sausage 7171Ж Nutmeg, allspice, black papper, meat flavour 8-10
Kombi Mix Children's 2518Ж
Natural black pepper extract, natural allspice extract.
Kombi Mix Ostankinska Coriander, distilled pepper, sweet pepper, nutmeg, meat aroma identical to natural. 8-10
Kombi Mix Cream Sausage 1042Ж Nutmeg ether, natural white pepper extract, natural black pepper extract, milk flavor identical to natural. 8-10
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