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                                             Apogey successes for 2018

For our company, 2018 was quite successful.

We continue to remain competitive in the market of flavoring additives, thanks to the talent and efficiency of our development engineers.

Our technologists are constantly working on expanding the range of liquid
flavors, mixes taste snacks, flavor and functional mixtures for the meat, confectionery, dairy industry, for the production of
juices and other drinks.

Well proven such developments:

For fish products and snacks - liquid flavors: Molluscs, Halibut, Shrimp;

For processed cheese - a mixture of flavoring "Provencal herbs";

For dumplings, we have released new flavors: Turkey and Meat

For sausages - new flavors: Medicinal, Dairy, Amateur, Salami, Italiano, Kurkhan;

For canned food - Canned food, Pilaf.


Constant leaders are the mixture of taste for chips and crackers -
Red caviar, Bacon, Cheese, Wasabi, Lobster, Boiled crayfish.

The line of mixtures for injection "Ham mix" we have added a mixture
"Ham mix" code 004D.
 It is used for injection of chicken semi-finished products with a yield of more than 100%. And contains components that perform the function of gelling
and brine stabilizer systems that prevent leakage
brine with injected raw materials during heat treatment.

With this news, we have big plans for 2019.

Apogee, one of the first national food additives manufacturers, has developed and implemented a food safety management system.
In 2007, the System was successfully certified to meet the requirements of the national standard DSTU 4161-2003 "Food Safety Management Systems. Requirements ", and in September 2015 - in accordance with DSTU ISO 22000: 2007 (identical to ISO 22000: 2005)" Food Safety Management Systems. Requirements for any organizations in the food chain. "
The system of food safety management introduced at our enterprise is not only a guarantee of high quality and safety of our additives, but also an indicator of competent business conduct, availability of a strategy for its development and an effective indication of the financial potential of the enterprise.

The picnic season began with a fragrant kebab, marinated wings, legs, juicy steaks and grilled sausages.

Recently, among the manufacturers gained popularity of the technology of production of natural semi-finished products using wet salted syringe brine and massaging, for some types of semi-finished products used sprinkles from spices and decorative spices or pickling.

Indeed, this technology has many advantages, because it allows you to make a high quality product, as ready as possible for culinary processing.

Injecting meat raw materials allows you to quickly and evenly distribute crawfish ingredients, to improve the taste and juiciness of the finished product, to introduce with brine preservatives for the expiration date.

And in this direction, Apogei LTD, as a Ukrainian producer of food additives, occupies one of the leading places.

Technologists of the meat direction of LTD Apogey constantly monitor the world's innovative inventions in the field of technologies and ingredients for the food industry and use them in their developments. A series of food additives "Ham Mix", designed for extruding semi-finished products from pork, beef and poultry, has proven itself among domestic and Russian producers.

 The mixtures may include animal proteins, hydrocolloids, salt, stabilizers: triphosphates, polyphosphates, sugars, antioxidants: sodium ascorbate, sodium isoascorbate, flavor enhancers and aromatic substances.

Technologists of the company, collaborating directly with their customers, develop a formula for the mixture, taking into account all the requirements in a comprehensive manner, one of which is to maximize the output.

In the series "Ham Mix" is a mixture designed for the manufacture of both chilled and frozen semi-finished products.

LTD Apogey offers for manufacturers of semi-finished meat a wide range of mixtures of flavoring, decorative sprinkles of its own production. Tastes “Kabanosi”, “Spice Mix Grill”, taste mixture for marinating “Shashlik”, decorative Antalya, Fiesta, Vostochnaya topping, and others have well proved themselves.

For manufacturers of split semis, in addition to a wide range of flavor blends, we offer the Protein Stabilizer series for making minced meat and solving the problem of “lumps” in dumplings.

Technological department of LTD Apogey developed TU 15.1-20021369-009: 2008 "Culinary semi-finished products from meat, poultry meat and offal" and TU 15.1-20021369-009: 2008 "Semi-finished meat, meat and cereal products and poultry meat".

Always ready to cooperate.

Contact phones: +38 (067) 4218523; +38 (067) 2310476

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