Our company is willing to offer a wide range of blends and modifiers for bread making produced from high quality ingredients.

Blend is a quality composition that has from 30 to 100% of the recipe content, so this indicator helps any bakery, enterprise or factory to produce, bake very tasty bakery products

The use of flour blends can minimize labor costs and production time. In this case, each type of ready-made flour blends has its own unique composition.

There are several types of food blends for quick cooking of different types of bakery products:

- the ones which are diluted with water, kneaded and baked

- the ones which serve as the basis for the dough, blended with other products

- the ones that are used as an additive, topper


It is also necessary to mention a group of substances which shall be applied in bakery, namely baking modifiers.

Modifiers are food blends, including additives, designed to facilitate and simplify the production of baked products that equalize the fluctuations of raw materials’ properties and impact the quality of products

The use of modifiers contributes to:

- The guarantee of sustained quality of bakery products mades from flour with low baking properties

- Application of accelerated bread making technologies

- Improvement of the appearance

- Taste and extension of the shelf life

- Reduction of dough preparation time


With the addition of such modifiers, pastry becomes more elastic, its grain and volume increase. The surface of the bread is free of cracks and burst.

Baking blends and modifiers are supplied in airproof paper bags weighing up to 25 kilograms. The dosage is labelled on the package. They should be stored in premise with a relative humidity of 75% at a temperature of +20 - +25 C.

Our team of researchers and baking experts are fully focused on innovation, new technologies and product development.